Pre-conference Workshops

Join us for one of four workshops prior to the main conference. Our workshops provide a hands-on, deep-dive into topics including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Innovation & team leadership. All workshops are by registration only and have limited capacity. Morning tea will be provided. 

Date: 12th September

Time: 9:00am – 11.30am (arrival tea & coffee from 8.30am)

Location: Air Force Museum of New Zealand, 45 Harvard Ave Wigram, Christchurch

Artificial Intelligence – A Vision of the Future

So What is Artificial Intelligence? How does it impact us and our lives in the future? Is it really the 4th industrial revolution as many put it to be?

In this 2.5 hour workshop, we debunk the myths and get real with examples of implementations of Artificial Intelligence. We talk about how Bots and Cognitive Services are changing the world we live in; Deep Learning Frameworks on GPUs and FPGAs. Sit back, relax as we take you on a journey of our vision of an incredibly dynamic and exciting future.


Julian Lee started his career in Cancer Research and specialised in Genomics. 5 years ago Julian joined the Microsoft Global BlackBelts – before moving into his current role as Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Professional. Julian now works within the Australia/NewZealand region to help companies see the value in investing in AI and help explain how AI can be apart of the digital transformation journey.

Cost: $75+GST


This workshop is kindly supported by AI Forum NZ and Microsoft. 

NEM 101 and Nano Wallet

Join us for a pre-conference workshop to discover the NEM Blockchain and get hands-on to utilise the NEM Blockchain technology.

The Foundation is a global organization with the mission to promote the use of the NEM blockchain and distributed ledger technology to governments, academia, industries, developers and end users.

Dalaney Davis, the NEM New Zealand Lead, will deliver a workshop to uncover why the NEM blockchain is perfect for enterprises looking to explore the immediate adoption of blockchain technology. How it’s a plug-and-play enterprise solution and a powerful, straightforward and secure developer interface.

We will explore use cases being built on NEM’s blockchain right now, here in New Zealand and overseas, delivering world-class platforms for almost any kind of asset: financial transactions, supply chains, notarisations, ownership records and more.

Uncover the new features NEM introduced to blockchain technology, such as its proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm, multi-signature accounts, encrypted messaging, and the Eigentrust++ reputation system. 

Also, Dalaney will get your hands on a Nano Wallet, and some Xem, for a hands-on tutorial through the NEM Nano wallet features, to utilise – Apostille notarisation system, voting and creating Asset mosaics. 


Dalaney Davis is a NEM blockchain guru and a passionate champion for blockchain for Social Impact. Dalaney is on a quest – from individuals to the global, and all the magnificent startups and social enterprises in between. To help them uncover blockchain technology and empower them to use it.

Cost: $50+GST


The workshop is made possible with support from NEM Foundation NZ

How to handle dysfunction in teams

In this workshop you will learn about the behaviours team members may display that can disrupt meetings.  You will understand the strengths these people bring, but also will gain techniques to workaround their behaviours.  These techniques will enable you to have more productive and enjoyable meetings.

The workshop will be extremely interactive and hands-on – so be prepared to role play and test out new techniques.  It will be facilitated by Kay Johnson, Principal Consultant with Assurity Consulting

Facilitator: Kay Johnson

As a Principal Consultant Kay focuses on helping clients understand the business value that Business Agility, Agile and DevOps can bring to their business.

Kay is passionate about helping clients get from ideas into production with the speed and quality desired.

For several years Kay has worked with clients to define their transformation strategy and essential cultural change. Additionally Kay can help determine which processes, practices and tools to adopt, providing assessments of current capabilities followed by suggesting a roadmap and coaching to enable continuous improvement. Using Design Thinking, Agile and DevOps techniques to define user outcomes, hypotheses, metrics and coaching needs.

Cost: $75 +GST


Organisation wide innovation for software businesses

Businesses, even whole industries, can succeed or fail through their ability to successfully implement innovation within their organisation. Innovating can help you capture a new consumer market, improve operational efficiency and reduce the risk of being disrupted.

Innovation is more than new ideas. It takes work and structure.

This workshop will give you insights to help you maximise your investment in innovation, giving you a structured approach to innovation to help you succeed, as well as understanding that innovation isn’t limited to product or service development.

Larry Keeley, president and co-founder, or Chicago firm Doblin developed the Ten Types of Innovation framework to help companies understand how to use innovation to improve success rates. The corresponding book, The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs, codifies much of the research and experience that drives effective innovation.

Join Callaghan Innovation for a pre-conference workshop on 12th September to learn how the Ten Types of Innovation can help you develop a systematic approach to innovation. You’ll learn how it can improve the innermost workings of your business, core product or service through to the customer-facing elements and related business systems.


Bruce Jarvis is Group Manager Digital and Health. He started life as computer programmer and then moved onto leadership roles in Product Management, Product Development, Marketing and Business Development. He has built new products and grown new markets into Europe, Asia and the Middle East. From his own experience of the innovator’s journey he wishes he could roll back time and take with him what he knows now. 10 Types of Innovation is one of those tools that can help an organisation understand that innovation is not just about the product.