Andrew Leckie

Director, Principal Consultant - IoT Devzone Limited

Disruptive Changes ahead from AI & IoT (AIoT)

A keen technology strategist, consultant, and practicing developer & engineer with a focus on business led outcomes. I am passionate about evangelizing the value of technology, but with the balance of real-world experience with business challenges. Sharing ideas and knowledge-based mentoring are also key aspects of how I operate.

I maintain a sharp eye on emerging near-term and longer-term future technologies, and present context on these in businesses for strategic planning and consulting purposes.

A particular focus right now for myself is the potential of the “Internet-of-Things”​ and associated ‘AI-Smart’ sensing solutions emerging from this arena. I consult with corporate, enterprise, and government customers, and work with IoT device OEM’s and IoT network providers and standards organisations around the world.

My Sessions

Disruptive changes ahead from AI & IoT (Alot)


Disruptive Changes from AI & IoT (AIoT) Technology changes are rapidly advancing in the “Internet-of-Things” and AI (Machine-Learning) arena, and with the advent of nanotechnology and dramatic reductions in compute costs and high-bandwidth networks (5G), huge opportunities await businesses plunging into the fully digital domain. In this session we will touch on a number each […]

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