Erich Prem

CEO - eutema

Dr. Erich Prem is chief strategist research, technology, and innovation and CEO of eutema. He is a frequent initiator and manager of international innovation and research initiatives, evaluator of research projects and programmes, for national and international technology funding bodies including the European Commission, Austrian ministries, and other European research agencies. He is also an experienced technology programme manager.

Erich is a frequent research strategy advisor for European IT industry, technical universities, research organisations and governments. He has developed strategies and technology studies for the European Commission, the Province of Salzburg, the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology, the Technical University of Vienna and many large industry actors as well as start-ups.

Erich Prem is a certified managerial economist and works scientifically in artificial intelligence, research politics, innovation research and epistemology. He published more than 70 scientific papers and was a guest researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received his Dr.tech. from TU Vienna where he also completed his master in computer science (Dipl.Ing). He was a lecturer at TU Vienna’s Informatics Innovation Center. He received his MBA in General Management from Donau University.

Erich will be part of the Artificial Intelligence panel at the Summit.

AI Panel

Artificial Intelligence: opportunities for New Zealand

Jade Conference Hall