James Pearson

Resident Anthropologist - Media Suite

James is an ideas man and facilitator.

Coming up with a good idea is hard, but sharing that idea with others to gain feedback, build excitement, gain funding, and put a project team together is near impossible without collaboration.

James has spent the last decade working with local government, central government, higher education organisations and social enterprises to help teams build strategies to achieve their vision.

James will share a set of proven techniques ​for team-builders, managers and leaders who want to get groups of people aligned around a shared vision.

My Sessions

On the same page


Collaborative visual communication is an effective way to help project teams successfully and consistently deliver. It should therefore come as no surprise that a lot of modern ways of working such as Agile, Design Thinking and Kanban, promote visual and face-to-face communication. This presentation focuses less on methodologies or frameworks, and instead presents a set […]

Stream A - business focus (GROW)