Nick Von Dadelszen

Technical Director - Lateral Security

Managing security risks in a rapidly changing environment

Nick is co-founder and technical director of Lateral Security. He has been working in the New Zealand Security industry since the late 90’s and in that time has worked with the majority of New Zealand large organisations and government agencies.

Nick manages the delivery of Lateral Security’s services, which includes deep technical services such as penetration testing and red teaming, as well as governance and advisory services. Nick still likes to get his hands dirty and is a key security advisor to some critical government agencies.

My Sessions

Managing security risks in a rapidly changing world


One constant in IT is that things change. And the pace of change increases over time. Change introduces risk, so how do organisations manage their IT security risk in this environment of constant and fast paced change? This talk delves into the issues posed by these changes for organisations and security teams in particular. It […]

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