Sonia Cuff

Cloud Advocate - Microsoft

Travelling from Brisbane

The changing face of IT Operations – What exactly does IT Ops means in a Cloudy, serverless world?

Sonia Cuff connects with worldwide technical communities, as a Cloud Advocate for Microsoft. She uses her 20+ years of IT Ops experience in Enterprise, government and small business roles to educate, empower and upskill IT professionals in Cloud Operations & captures feedback on how to make Microsoft Azure products even better.

My Sessions

The changing face of IT operations

Morrison Room

“Move to the Cloud and fire your IT department”, they said. But did anyone stop and think about how to architect Cloud infrastructure, operate Cloud technologies and recover from Cloud problems? In this session, you’ll learn about the relevance of the IT department in a Cloud-first world, how to govern things like containers, IoT and […]

Stream B - applied tech (CONNECT)