Amy Fletcher

Associate Professor Political Science - University of Canterbury

Learning to Love Deepfakes

Amy is an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Canterbury.

Born in Huntsville, Alabama, in the 1960s, when her father was a young engineer working on the Apollo project, she has been interested in the societal implications of emerging technologies since the cradle.

She completed her PhD at the University of Georgia in June 1997, and worked as a Legislative Assistant on Telecommunications and Technology issues for Representative Tillie Fowler (R-FL) in the United States Congress (1995/96). She is the Associate Editor of Politics and Life Sciences Journal (Cambridge University Press) and a Features Editor for Human Futures (World Futures Studies Federation).

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Learning to love deepfakes

Conference Hall

Deepfakes are fake audio and visual content created by artificial intelligence, often featuring politicians or other famous people in compromising positions or speaking words that they never actually said. Business opportunities in the deepfake space include personalized advertising, video content production, and apps designed to help users weed out “digital pollution.” Yet we also need […]

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