Jeremy Corbett

Tech Summit MC

Hello, I’m Jeremy Corbett. 

How would I describe myself? Thanks for asking.
I’m 188cm of raw flab with glasses.
I got called one of the godfather’s of NZ stand up comedy the other day. It was by a younger comedian and meant as an insult. 

Here it is in a nutshell: I’m a comedian, radio & TV presenter, computer programmer and Leo, born in Westport, grew up in Palmerston North and now live in Auckland with my wife, Megan, our two beautiful daughters Charlie and Billie and a Golden Retriever named Cookie

I host 7DAYS, 7:30 pm Thursdays on THREE.
I used to co-host THE PROJECT, 7pm weeknights on THREE but I was too expensive so they cancelled the whole show.
I also appear to be in demand as a corporate MC.
Most of my success has come from just sticking around. 

James Bergin

Executive General Manager of Technology, Research & Advocacy


James is Xero’s Executive General Manager of Technology and Research & Advocacy will share a behind the scenes look at how Xero has harnessed emerging technology and catalysts for innovation from its inception to now. James shares stories from the early journey from cloud to become NZ’s first unicorn company and unique insights on how the Doblin Ten Types of Innovation apply to their journey.

Hear stories beyond the hype, from those innovating and exploring innovation against a backdrop of emerging quantum computing, Ai and hyper connectivity and what is still to come on the horizon.

Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM


How should we think about the future? After 25 years a technology entrepreneur and CE of Software companies, Melissa became a Certified Futurist. Balancing practicality and humour with deep tech, Melissa shines a light into the wonders of our future worlds. She was awarded the ONZM for Services to technology by the Queen in 2015. She studied Anthropology, Epidemiology and Environmental Management at University and sits on several international company Boards as well as working in Strategic Foresight.

Grant Patterson

Principal Solutions Architect


Grant is a Principal Solutions Architect for Elastic based in Canberra, Australia. Elastic are the makers of Elasticsearch, the market-leading search analytics platform downloaded over 4.7 billion times that empowers customers to find the results that matter, across all of their data, in real-time. Elastic’s Search, Observability, and Security solutions are depended on by brands like Uber, Slack, Microsoft, and thousands of others. Grant has been with Elastic for over 3 years specialising in Search, Analytics, Machine Learning and AI. He has previously worked in several roles in the Analytics, AI and Automation space, including as IBM Australia’s Data and AI Architect for Federal Government. In his spare time he is a Home Automation enthusiast, and can often be found putting the Elastic stack to work at home to Observe and Secure his house.