Morning session (Innovate and Transform)

Leena Patel



“Raising your Innovation IQ”

Leena Patel is the CEO of Global Impact Systems, founder of, and a leading expert on helping leaders worldwide drive innovation from creative ideation through to strategic execution. Her strategies have helped organizations win new business, increase market share, and drive bottom line revenue up by as much as 40% within twelve months by implementing a single idea.

Recognized with a Smart Woman In Meetings Award as an Innovator and Woman of Distinction Award for pioneering Gamulation as a revolutionary leadership training methodology, Leena and her team have worked with leading corporations in 16+ industries, advised CEOs and Senior Executives worldwide, delivered 1000+ seminars, and have been featured by leading media like NBC, Bloomberg, Fox News, ESPN, Channel 4 Television, and many more.

Gabe Ripjma


Aceso Health

“Making Health Better – Digital Transformation in the Health Sector”

Despite over twenty years of heavy investment in digital, health systems largely remain as a set of disconnected islands. Significant focus and investment has been put into building an integrated medical record but in our desire to bring the data together, have we missed a key underlying problem? In this talk we look at the problem underneath the integrated medical record. It starts with the workflow and orchestration problems that exist across the islands of health delivery and ends with how we might ultimately solve it to make health better.

Gabe is globally recognized for his work in healthcare and for the work with health technology innovators. He is an avid believer and prolific public speaker on the power of applying technology to enhance and strengthen health systems.

Rowena Davenport

Treasury & Strategy Manager

MTF Finance

“The secrets to aligning your business and delivering on strategy (in the middle of a global pandemic).” Co-presented by Rowena Davenport and Joe Kearns.

Rowena’s background is in finance and funding, and she joined MTF in 2004 as part of the Treasury team. Her financial experience saw her get involved in governance (she is the first female Chairperson of a major Provincial Rugby Union in New Zealand), where she can influence the strategic direction of organisations. She finds these roles both exciting and rewarding so, in 2017 when MTF needed someone to support the business in the development and implementation of its strategic plan, she seized the opportunity.

Joe Kearns

Principal Consultant

Double O Consultants

“The secrets to aligning your business and delivering on strategy (in the middle of a global pandemic).” Co-presented by Rowena Davenport and Joe Kearns.

Joe specialises in Agile coaching. He is certified as a Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner ( His skills, razor sharp wit and knack for getting to the crux of the problem — and then helping to solve it — make for memorable workshops and engagements.

Rogan Clarke

Director of Digital Change

Inland Revenue Department

“Digitising Inland Revenue’s tax ecosystem from the outside-in: Learnings from applying a customer-centric development approach to the development of digital channels.”

Rogan Clarke is currently working as Director of Digital Change at Inland Revenue where he has responsibility for driving the development of the organisation’s digital channels as part of Inland Revenue’s ongoing Business Transformation Programme. Before joining Inland Revenue Rogan was General Manager of Vector’s smart metering subsidiary, Advanced Metering Solutions (AMS) and prior to that Head of BNZ Digital at Bank of New Zealand. Previous to that Rogan was based in Sweden working in various digital change roles in the financial, retail and travel sectors.

Afternoon session (The Next Wave of Applied Technology)

Anna Gong

CEO & Founder

Perx Technologies

‘Re-defining engagement to monetize customer actions in the digital economy’

Anna Gong is the CEO and Founder of Perx Technologies Pte Ltd, the leading customer data and loyalty SaaS company, backed by the co-founder of Facebook Eduardo Saverin and Golden Gate Ventures. Previous to joining Perx, her 5th startup experience, Anna was Vice President of Channels Sales for Asia Pacific & Japan at Infor where she’s responsible for the go-to-market strategy and execution of the channels sales business.

Anna brings 20 years of technology experience in management consulting and enterprise software, spanning the U.S., Asia Pacific & Japan.

Prior to Infor, she was leading the Cloud, Virtualization, and Service Automation business units at CA Technologies, Asia Pacific & Japan. Anna has held multiple leadership roles, based out of San Francisco. She established and managed the Asia Pacific business for Wily Technology, the pioneer of web application performance and diagnostics, before CA Technologies acquisition of Wily in 2006 for US$375M.

Anna also worked in management consulting at PwC and with various technology startups prior to Wily, playing a key role in implementing large scale SAP ERP systems, fund raising, developing and executing successful operations in direct sales and partner driven models.

Grant Ryan

Founding Coordinator

The Cacophony Project

“Te Kahu Ora (the cloak of health)”.

The Cacophony Project has developed an AI thermal camera to detect introduced pests predating on our native birds over the last few years. Similar technologies are now being applied to detect Covid in humans.

Grant is a hopelessly addicted inventor. He has founded a number of companies including (sold to NBCi), RealContacts (sold to Intel), SLI Systems (listed NZX) and Eurekster, YikeBike and PurePods. He is now having fun trying to help make New Zealand predator free with The Cacophony Project.

The Cacophony Project is an open source project to use the best of breed technology to identify, lure and eliminate rats, stoats and possums from New Zealand. Currently used predator control tools are mostly medieval food whackers. We think with the systematic use of technology the NZ goal of predator free by 2050 is crazy – we should get there by 2040 or sooner


Andy Phelps


University of Canterbury

Applied Immersive Games for Resilience “ Co-presented by Andy Phelps and Heide Lukosch

Andrew “Andy” Phelps is a professor at the HITLabNZ  at the University of Canterbury exploring virtual & augmented reality, games & education, and art & interactive media experiences.

He is a professor in the Film & Media Arts division of the School of Communication, holds a joint appointment in the Department of Computer Science, and is the director of the GameLab at American University in Washington DC, USA. 

Phelps is also currently president of the Higher Education Video Game Alliance (HEVGA), and his work in games is recognized internationally. His latest game is Fragile Equilibrium (XBOX, Steam, 2019), and he maintains a website of his publications, popular writing, artwork, curriculum development, and more at

Heide Lukosch

Associate Professor


Applied Immersive Games for Resilience “ Co-presented by Andy Phelps and Heide Lukosch

With her research at the HITLabNZ Associate Professor Heide Lukosch aims to understand how applied immersive games and games that have a specific purpose such as training and learning.  These games are designed using immersive technologies (virtual and augmented reality)  to achieve the intended effect. She applies games to domains such as education, logistics, safety and security, and disaster management.  Heide works together with local and international academics, to support organizations with game-based solutions on the interplay with the games industry.

Anna Kominik

Country Director

Wisk New Zealand

‘Wisk – Taking flight to the world’

Wisk has a bold vision to deliver safe everyday flight to everyone.  Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, Wisk is at the forefront of an emerging and fast growing sector of Urban Air Mobility.  Wisk’s all electric, two person air taxi called Cora, first took to New Zealand skies in 2017.  Now, with a multinational team based in New Zealand and the United States, Cora is working through its certification and go-to-market pathway.  In this presentation, Anna tells the story of Wisk’s innovation, New Zealand’s opportunity and of the challenges of bringing a completely new technology to market – a story of innovation, partnership and collaboration.

Anna leads a multinational team, bringing the world’s first self-flying electric VTOL air taxi to market. Before joining Wisk, she held senior management roles in the public and private sectors and served as a consultant to boards and governments.