Elle Archer

Director I Founder I Link

‘Inā kei te mohio koe, ko wai koe
I anga mai koe i hea, kei te mohio koe
Kei te anga atu ki hea’

It’s time to level-up.
To evolve.
To move, together.

Elle has been involved in Business, Industry, Government, and Community development for 26yrs.

With a background in Science, Geospatial Technology, Education, Infrastructure, and Emergency Management – Elle now finds herself in varying leadership positions across the region, nationally, and globally. Her Kaupapa is centred around collective leadership, inclusion in action, integrated ecosystems, and strategic foresight.

Dorenda Britten

Dorenda is a challenger of the status quo. She helps people who want to make a difference to see the reality of, and opportunities within, the big picture. 

She has a varied and entrepreneurial background both in New Zealand and overseas. Dorenda started her career in design, but found it lacked meaning. Dorenda’s life experience opened her eyes to the ability of design to change the way we respond to contemporary challenges.

Dorenda has been a Judge at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards for over twenty years and has contracted to Our Land and Water National Science Challenge and national farming groups. She provides professional and voluntary mentoring nationally. Dorenda’s Designing Solutions workshops have gained a following from a diverse range of organisations and she has recently launched an online course.

Dorenda’s goal is to reframe design with a set of principles that apply to any human enterprise. These principles can secure New Zealand’s environmental, social and financial future. Only then will New Zealand be able to claim an authentic global brand.

Hugh Calveley

CEO and Co-Founder


Hugh has a background in Computer Science and on set film production and is obsessed with how technology can help the filmmaking process.

He’s been driving innovation in the entertainment industry since co-founding Liquid Edge (NZ Hi-tech Start Up Of The Year) in the early noughties, followed by three more successful and innovative business start-ups: The Rebel Fleet, Rush Hour and Moxion (NZ Hi-tech Start Up Of the Year 2021).

For the last six years, he has been living in Auckland and LA, growing a Hollywood technology company, Moxion.

Along the way, the company has won many awards and Hugh’s collected more than a few tales of doing business in Tinseltown.

Hear from Hugh, as he shares his story from basements to backlots, and exporting NZ technology to Hollywood.

Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM

Melissa is best known as a foresight practitioner and professional director, with over 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and strategist.

She has been founder and CEO of a number of technology companies, along the way earning 3 Fast50s and several AsiaPacific Fast 500s.  She has an eclectic academic background, including Anthropology, Epidemiology and Waste Management. She started working on Big Data Algorithms in the late 1980s, and took her first coding course in 1979 – so has an opinion about new technology and how slow it can be to become mainstream.

Melissa has attended the Te Hono Bootcamp at Stanford University twice, trained as a foresight practitioner with The Institute For The Future in Palo Alto and studied with Clayton Christiansen in his approach to disruptive innovation through Harvard Business School. In 2015 she was named Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) in recognition for her services to technology.  She is deeply curious and especially interested in emerging business models.

She is named for a mythological bee creature so tweets as @HoneyBeeGeek.

James Everett

Co-founder & Director


“Steering towards an Equitable Augmented Reality Future”

James has been a game designer for nearly two decades, working on everything from brick breakers and kart racers to AAA blockbusters.
NZXR Ltd is an AR/VR consultancy, a collective of expert game developers. They use the latest hardware and software to build slices of the future for their clients. Prior to NZXR the team worked at Magic Leap alongside colleagues at Weta Workshop developing mixed reality experiences like Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders and Boosters.

Matthew Evetts

Director Cybersecurity, New Zealand


Matthew is the Director of Cybersecurity for Datacom. Bridging the worlds of business and technology, he leads a team focused on monitoring and identifying risks, delivering visibility and increased maturity, and the seamless integration of cyber security into Datacom’s customer environments.

Matthew’s 19 years of experience in business and IT has honed a set of skills targeted towards bridging the worlds of business and technology and making people the centre of progress. He is passionate about cybersecurity and the issues faced by organisations of all sizes.

Matthew leads a large team of people across advisory, security operations, managed cybersecurity services, and physical security with some of the most highly certified security professionals in the country as well as being home to one of the most mature security operations centres in New Zealand.

“Cyber has been a major focus for me and I’ve seen the sea-change that has occurred over the last decade; particularly the shift in awareness of cyber-security issues which has evolved and matured in business circles. Today the threatscape is changing as fast as I’ve ever seen before and I’m thrilled to be working with the country’s leading cybersecurity practice.”

Co-presenting with Tracy McElroy, Head of South Island, Datacom on the topic of Cyber security on the journey to Em tech.

Lily Feng

Senior Product Manager – AIRVO

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

“Every patient we help is someone’s mother, father, sibling, child or friend. Knowing we’re making a difference is incredibly humbling and satisfying” 

Lily is a senior product manager at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, where she works with a global team that is helping change clinical practice to improve patient care and outcomes. She presently supports the North American market for the company’s adult Optiflow/Airvo product group. Previously, she has worked for the company as a product development engineer, product manager (for Asian markets) and sales representative in Australia.  

Educating and creating materials that combine the latest clinical evidence and F&P product information are at the core of her role. Demand in these products has skyrocketed during the global pandemic.  

Outside of work, Lily can be found outdoors on hikes and indoors training Brazilian Jujitsu.   

Steven Graham

General Manager, Innovation &

Head of Biometrics at NEC

Steven is a native Californian who has lived and worked in Asia/Africa for 6 years, subsequently living in New Zealand since joining Microsoft in 1999.
Steven has worked for large multinationals (e.g. Microsoft, KPMG, Telstra, Alpine Electronics) and has a been a founder of numerous start-ups (e.g. HunchBuzz, Signal41, Act on Insight).
Steven is driven by a vision of possibility, supported by a foundation of passion, commitment, joy and integrity.

Chairperson: Strategic Advisory Board, Mid Central District Health Board (Enable)
Independent Advisor: Digital and Data Intelligence Governance Group (DDIGG), 3DHB
Director/Founder: Idea Management (as-a-service) Platform, HunchBuzz
Head Coach: Senior A Girls Basketball, Mana College

Tom Hallam

Director of Technology

Jade Software Corporation

“Enabling DevOps through deliberate organisational design”

Tom is responsible for Jade’s technology strategy and ways of working. An AWS-certified cloud architect and experienced engineer, he works with teams to use Agile and DevOps practices to deliver working software constantly and sustainably. Tom is a passionate advocate for open-source software and open standards. In his spare time, Tom is a keen drummer, and is studying to get his private pilot’s license.

Senior Leaders in organizations across the world are still struggling to realise the value that a true DevOps way of working can enable. In this talk, Tom will talk about fundamental team types and interaction modes and how DevOps is mostly about humans, not technology.

Pip Loader

Director at

Tech Summit MC

Pip is a programmer and coder – of People.  She is a communication and engagement expert, helping leaders build more effective, engaged and meaning-full teams that deliver more meaningful outcomes for their organisation and their customers.

Pip’s mantra is ‘Everything we do, starts, and ends, with People’ and her programs help leaders put the fundamentals in place to build great teams that have the chemistry, clarity and confidence to keep up with the pace of change and deliver value, faster and more effective than they ever thought possible.

She has an extensive leadership background in both the private and public sectors, including 3 years at Microsoft, and leading a Co-design and Innovation Lab in local government.  She is also married to a ‘tech junkie’, who once brought her a Universal Remote as a birthday present.  Surprisingly, they are still together.

Whether she is delivering a keynote, or working with leadership groups, she brings a healthy dose of humour, simple language, and stories.  Like a good single malt, her work is rich, powerful and not watered down.

Pip will be one of the MC’s at this year’s Tech Summit.

Shaun Maloney

Executive Chair


“One of New Zealand’s most successful tech stories”

As Seequent’s former Chief Executive, Shaun is proud to be part of a Canterbury tech company success story. Shaun managed the strategy, risk and return to grow Seequent from a small start-up business in 2010 to an award-winning, global brand. Seequent has become an internationally recognised market leader in Geoscience Earth Modelling software across the Mining, Civil, Construction, Environmental and Energy sectors. 

In June 2021, Seequent officially joined Bentley Systems creating a unique opportunity to explore new capabilities in surface and subsurface software innovation and to help companies all over the world solve complex problems in more responsible and sustainable ways.

Tracy McElroy

Head of South Island


The future is already here, but beware…!

As the head of Datacom South Island, Tracy is keenly interested in how organisations are using technology to realise their future potential – and helping remove the barriers that are holding them back.  Tracy has had an international career in Biotechnology, Process Engineering and Human Capital Management. This background provides fertile ground for chasing her passion for Em Tech, which enables us to envision the power of technology to influence the working world. And while offering incredible potential, Em Tech brings high risk.

Co-presenting with Matthew Evetts, Director Cybersecurity, Datacom on the topic of Cyber security on the journey to Em tech.

Harshana Nanayakkara

Senior DevOps Engineer


” There MUST be a better way to do this… “

Harshana is a cloud evangelist working as a Senior DevOps engineer at Ravensdown.  He specialises in AWS Cloud architecture, DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE. He is very passionate about solving problems using cloud tech, Test automation, DevOps and DevSecOps. He is a qualified Electronics and Telecommunications engineer and also an AWS certified solutions architect associate.

Harshana spends his weekends watching and playing cricket.

Co-presenting with Casey Orr from AWS and the team from Ravensdown.

Casey Orr

Territory Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

With a background in software development and engineering, Cloud is Casey’s passion and purpose. Casey has extensive experience helping customers take full advantage of the numerous flexible and dynamic services on the AWS platform; empowering businesses to innovate now and into the future.

Co-presenting with the team from Ravensdown.

Michael Oulsnam

Chief Digital Officer

University of Canterbury

A seasoned digital leader who thrives at driving innovation and transformation.  Michael is passionate about connecting people, teams and companies in partnering for success.  Extensive leadership experience in product strategy development, delivery management, corporate innovation, leading change, building high performing teams and championing agile at scale.

Michael is an adopted Kiwi (UK expat and avid Stoke City Fan!) who loves the culture and lifestyle of beautiful Aotearoa.  His family recently settled in Christchurch following a few years overseas working in Silicon Valley in partnership with JetBlue Technology Ventures, prior to that Michael worked in Auckland in various leadership roles with Air NZ.

Jen Porter



Jen is the co-founder of StoryTraks and has worked as Chief Executive and Director in digital publishing, app development and strategic communications for over 30 years.
She’s led global business development and understands the challenges of establishing and building client and brand presence.
Jen is a holder of a pilot’s license and has a Master of International Relations from Victoria University of Wellington.

Story Tracking Limited (“StoryTraks”) is based in the UK and NZ. It has developed authoring software that provides business and multi-media users with a unique and “closed’ hosting environment for sharing information with stakeholders and customers. Using StoryTraks software, users are able to track and gather data on all interactions, providing rich and valuable information to guide future, more targeted engagement that is specific to each stakeholder and customer. StoryTraks clients include ITV Studios, Penguin Random House, Harper Collins Publishers and Sony.

The data gathering facility is further supported by its automated publishing platform, SaaS ‘Publisher Prime’, that enables third party content providers, authors, publishers and corporations to produce their own digital storytelling applications.

Kate Selway

Director of People & Capability

Jade Software Corporation 

Kate’s focus at Jade is embedding values-based leadership and behaviours as part of Jade’s cultural shift. Kate’s experience has been shaped by a background in organizational psychology and is across multiple industries, from construction and manufacturing to natural health and technology. 

At Jade she has been redefining what leadership is, refocusing on “soft skills” and self-awareness to enable people to reflect on how they show up for themselves and their peers, and to bring the values to life. This has been fundamental to creating an environment where people can be accepted for who they are and celebrate their own individuality at Jade.

Hamish Watson (he/him)

Tech Summit MC

Hamish is passionate about community, data and making a difference.  Educating and helping others learn is important to Hamish and he speaks both locally and internationally (virtually) and is a repeat guest lecturer at a local university.

Hamish runs Morph iT, a consultancy company, bringing DevOps efficiencies to the evolving Data Platform is both a personal passion and a key driver for his company.  Mentoring is important to Hamish, and he encourages and supports first time and WIT speakers at community events he organises.

Hamish will be one of the MC’s at this year’s Tech Summit.

Bo Zhu

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst


“Business intelligence has a lot in common with nutrition – you are rewarded for what you eat”

Bo’s passions are food and data. As an unconventional data chef, he harvests, prepares and serves quality data to hungry consumers. Bo devotes himself to building a solid data analytical foundation supported by robust business processes and advanced technologies.

In his spare time, Bo is a keen aviation enthusiast.

Co-presenting with Casey Orr from AWS and the team from Ravensdown.

Ryan the Lion Ashton

Networking Facilitator

“Networking is a skill everyone can learn”

Ryan is an animated networker who runs a nationwide tech-networking event called “A Few Quiet Yarns”, enabling an environment crafted for those who don’t enjoy networking under normal circumstances to get going, making connections through authentic conversations with ease. With a 20 year background in Tech Sales & Marketing he lives and breathe technology and will deep dive into meaningful conversations about software development, digital twins, devops and UX – in fact any area of technology.

Ryan will be running a networking session within the break times, facilitating networking while teaching networking skills – wait til you learn about the psychology and physiology of networking, it will unlock all the “how to’s” in a way you’ll never forget.