Avinash Rao

GNC Manager - Rocket Lab

Avinash Rao is the Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) Manager at Rocket Lab, the company launching small satellites to orbit from New Zealand. Avinash joined Rocket Lab in 2013 after completing a B.E. Hons. in Mechatronics, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Canterbury, specialising in adaptive attitude control systems for rockets. As part of his research, Avinash co-founded the University of Canterbury Rocketry Organization. Avinash has been involved in many aspects of the Electron rocket design, including prototype and manufacture phases spanning the initial performance calculations, to the first electric turbopump tests for the Rutherford engine, right through to company’s first orbital launch in 2018. Today, he leads the team responsible for ensuring the Electron rocket precisely places small satellite payloads into complex orbits.

My Sessions

From Idea to Orbit

Morrison Room

We are in an exciting new era of small satellite technology – one that’s making life on Earth better. Small satellites connect us, keep us safe, help us understand our planet and manage our impact on it. The satellites of today are getting smaller, doing more and costing less – and thousands of them need […]

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