Prof Leigh Angus

Head of Innovation and Commercialisation - ASB

Professor Leigh Angus has built a successful career creating technology and digital platforms, programs and teams. Leigh currently leads Innovation and Commercialisation efforts at ASB, where her team undertakes research, rapid prototyping, customer validation and commercialisation activities related to emerging technology, customer experiences and new business models developed by either ASB or its partners. She also founded ASB’s flagship entrepreneurship program ASB Upstart where she oversees a number of employee run ventures under incubation and ASB Edge which helps to support and partner with NZ founded start-ups. She is also a successful entrepreneur in her own right having started a number of new ventures.  Leigh is an experienced Non-executive Director and has participated on a number of boards for industry groups and private companies.


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What does it take to spur kiwi innovation

Conference Hall

We know that a healthy ecosystem can have a profound positive impact on enterprise and society by enabling and propagating innovation. We also know that a healthy ecosystem is made up of good networks at an industry, geographical or country level. These can be a source of advantage that can improve outcomes for individuals, enterprises, […]

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