Victor Yuen

Head of Product - FaceMe

Victor Yuen has played various roles as a tech entrepreneur. Having graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Canterbury University – he has worked as founder and early stage employees in various startups. As the Head of Product for FaceMe, a company that creates human-like digital assistants, he and his team are at the forefront of researching and developing artificial intelligence solutions. He is also involved in global conversations around maximising societal benefits and understanding the risks of Artificial Intelligence.

My Sessions

The Digital Humans among us

Brevet Lounge

Victor Yuen from FaceMe will uncover what a Digital Human is and focus on the following questions: What is driving the adoption of digital humans? What is a digital human platform? What is being applied in the real world? What results are we seeing and what are we learning? Where do we see things evolving? What […]

Stream B - technology applied